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Tom Phillips
Candidate - NJ 07

"Representing our youngest set of voters with the most at stake in our future, the New Jersey College Republicans are a key bulwark against the creeping ideas of liberalism on college campuses across the state.  Serving not only as key advocates of conservative principles, but also acting as our boots on the ground during campaign season, support for this next wave of Republican leaders is more important than ever before.  I'm proud to know and support this young group of fellow patriots." - Tom Phillips

“Capitalism in New Jersey is dying. We are one of the birth places of this great nation, and the proud foundation we built is  folding under the weight of extreme taxes. Nothing is more important for the future of our state and our endangered middle class than bright, young leaders. The New Jersey College Republicans have the chance to save our middle class, and I believe that they will prevail for our state and our country.” - Assemblyman Ryan Peters

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Assemblyman Ryan Peters
Legislative District 8
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Hon. Jack Ciattarelli
Former Assemblyman

"The New Jersey College Republicans truly are a new generation of Republican leadership. Their organization, like all grassroots efforts, is critically important to the success of the Republican Party here in New Jersey and I am happy to support them in any way that I can." -

Jack Ciattarelli

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